Tiles Cranbourne


VICTILES has been a premier destination for quality home improvement products since its establishment in 2011. With showrooms scattered across Australia, including our prominent presence in Cranbourne, we take pride in delivering an extensive range of top-notch tiles, timber flooring, bathware, tools and carpets. Our commitment to excellence and competitive pricing sets us apart as a trusted alliance for homeowners, builders and designers.

TILES in Cranbourne:

Unlock the potential of your space with VICTILES' impressive array of tiles in Cranbourne. From sleek and modern to classic and timeless designs, our collection offers endless options to suit your aesthetic preferences. Choose from a variety of materials, including Porcelain, Ceramic and Mosaic, and let our knowledgeable team guide you toward the perfect tiles for your residential or commercial project.

TIMBER FLOORING in Cranbourne:

Elevate your home with the natural beauty and durability of timber flooring from VICTILES Cranbourne. Our carefully curated selection includes Hardwood, Engineered and Laminate options, each showcasing distinct grains and finishes. Whether you desire a farmhouse charm or a minimalist appeal, our timber flooring will transform your space into a captivating masterpiece.

BATHWARE in Cranbourne:

Experience luxury and sophistication in your bathroom with VICTILES' bathware collection in Cranbourne. From exquisite bath fixtures to elegant vanities and contemporary shower systems, our showroom is a haven of opulence. Discover the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics as you create a personal oasis that reflects your unique style.

TOOLS in Cranbourne:

Our Cranbourne showroom offers a comprehensive range of high-quality tools, to meet your construction and renovation needs. With our expert advice and superior product selection, you can trust that your projects will be completed efficiently and with precision.

CARPETS in Cranbourne:

Indulge in luxurious comfort with VICTILES' premium carpet collection in Cranbourne. From sumptuous textures to vibrant patterns, our carpets provide the perfect foundation for any room. We look to add warmth and softness or durability and stain resistance and our carpets will enhance the ambience and functionality of your space.