Quick-Step Flooring

Choose Quick Step Flooring for your next renovation project

Selecting the right floors for your home is never easy. With so many options available in the market, knowing whether quickstep floor is exactly what you need can be challenging. That’s why we at VICTILES have a team of flooring specialists to help you make a well-informed decision.

When it comes to choosing something as unique as quick step flooring, you need to have all the details about its features and characteristics. We supply high-quality quick step flooring solutions that are considered one of the best materials in the industry. It is designed using state-of-the-art techniques that make the planks strong, durable and resilient.

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Why is quick step flooring the right fit for your space?

Our quick step flooring mimics the look of natural wood and comes in a variety of textures and patterns. The flooring consists of thin and flexible planks that can be installed over the existing floors quite easily. If you have an underfloor heating system in your home, then this flooring can still be installed without any hassle.

Quick step flooring has high moisture and moisture resistance that makes it an ideal flooring choice for kitchens and bathrooms. The planks are coated with paraffin wax, making the process of floor installation much easier and less time-consuming.

Why shop from us?

At VICTILES, we bring a range of quick step flooring supplies and accessories to our store. You can visit our store or browse our collection online. We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to offer and deliver the highest quality flooring products at great prices. We are your trusted supplier; we have an extensive selection of high-quality flooring products in various designs and patterns.

From Laminate Flooring to Hybrid Flooring and Engineered Timber Flooring, we have a vast selection of flooring products. Whatever type of flooring supplies you are looking for, we are sure to help you find something that caters to your needs and budget.

Quick Step Waterproof Flooring

Are you looking for a waterproof flooring solution for your bathroom? We have you covered with our quick step waterproof flooring supplies. The floor planks offer the look of laminate and have a scratch-proof coating. Once installed, you won’t have to worry about damaging the floors. The quick step floors are made with hydro-seal technology, making them extremely resilient against water.

Discuss your flooring needs with our experts to get started.


Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Classic
Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Eligna
Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Impressive
Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Impressive Ultra
Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Majestic
Quick-step Laminate Flooring:Perspective Nature


Quick-step Timber Flooring:Compact
Quick-step Timber Flooring:Intenso
Quick-step Timber Flooring:Massimo
Quick-step Timber Flooring:Palazzo
Quick-step Timber Flooring:ReadyFlor & XL
Quick-step Timber Flooring:Variano


Quick-step Hybrid Flooring:Hybrid Pulse

Commonly Asked Questions

While VICTILES have flooring to suit almost every taste and budget, we understand that you may have some additional questions. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the commonly asked questions. However, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Are Quick-Step Laminate floors sensitive to static electricity?

Every Quick-Step Laminate floor receives a unique, permanent antistatic treatment. Because of this, annoying discharges are a thing of the past. Static electricity charges cannot accumulate anymore, even in dry internal climate conditions. It makes Quick-Step floors ideal for offices, stores, etc. Thanks to their antistatic treatment, Quick-Step Laminate floors comply with EN 1815 and EN 14041 guidelines (European guidelines for construction products).


Can I use Quick-Step Laminate in my kitchen?

Yes, you can. Quick-Step Laminate floors have a scratch and wear resistant 'Scratch Guard' surface layer, making them a perfect choice for your kitchen as well. Because of the highly moisture resistant HDF core board, an accident with a glass of water falling on the floor for example is not a problem. It is however recommended to remove any standing moisture as soon as reasonably possible. Of course, the Laminate floor in your kitchen will have to be cleaned more frequently and more intensively than in some other rooms of your house. However, there's no need to wash the floor; in fact, this should never be done. The sealed surface structure prevents dirt and dust from attaching to the floor. Usually, dry cleaning with Quick-Step microfiber tissues is sufficient. Floors with bevelled edges must be vacuumed first. Occasionally the floor can be cleaned with a damp or slightly moist Quick-Step microfiber mop using Quick-Step cleaning product in the cleaning water.


Can I use Quick-Step Laminate in my bathroom?

Until recently, Quick-Step didn't have laminate floors that were suitable for use in damp rooms such as bathrooms. But this has changed with the introduction of ‘Hydroseal’ technology. ‘Hydroseal’ is an innovative, water-repellent coating that prevents water from entering the floor’s grooves, thus making it perfectly suitable for wet environments, including bathrooms. So yes, laminate is now also a valid – and stylish – flooring option for your bathroom; just make sure to pick a floor with ‘Hydroseal’ technology.


Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed around my stove?

Yes, it can. However, you should consider a number of things. First things first – stoves can be heavy. The stove’s legs should be large enough in order to reduce the point load on your laminate floor. Make sure the contact surface for each leg measures at least 4 square inches (2x2 inches) or 25 cm² (5x5 cm). If not, we advise you to install a solid (metal or glass) underlay underneath the legs in order to ensure a better weight distribution*. In some cases the area around and underneath a fireplace might get too hot, causing unnecessary tension on the flooring joints. Usually, installing a metal or glass underlay can solve the problem. This underlay evenly distributes both the stove’s weight and the radiated heat, thus protecting your floor from any damage. Sometimes, when you open a stove door, sparks can enter the room and leave little burning spots on your floor. But playing with fire won’t always get you burnt: a protective underlay can prevent burning spots and makes sure your laminate floor stays brand new.


Can Quick-Step Laminate be installed on top of an existing floor?

Yes, this is possible. The exact installation method depends on which floor you want to install your laminate


First remove any damp-porous floor covering (i.e. carpet, needle felt, etc.) before installing the Quick-Step Laminate.


Damp-sealed floor covering (PV, linoleum, VCT, etc.) doesn't have to be removed but a Quick-Step levelling underlay should be installed.


When you have a wooden subfloor, you have to remove every existing floor covering first.


I'm susceptible to allergies. Is Quick-Step Laminate a good choice?

Absolutely. Thanks to the closed surface structure there can be no collection or accumulation of dust or dirt. Dust mite and other allergy-causing organisms cannot survive on a clean Laminate floor. This helps you protect your home from allergens, which is extremely important for people suffering from asthma or dust allergies. Also the V-grooves between the planks of certain Quick-Step floors will be kept clean with the regular cleaning of the floor. Moreover, the sealed surface and finishing makes a Quick-Step floor very easy to clean. We recommend cleaning your floor dry, using the Quick-Step microfiber mop. Every now and then you can also clean your Quick-Step Laminate floor with a damp (slightly moistened) mop. Make sure to add the Quick-Step cleaning product. This doesn’t contain any wax, varnish or polish, which could attract and retain dust. The perfectly sealed surface, in combination with the correct cleaning technique (mop and cleaning product) will guarantee complete removal of all dust, including fine dust.


Can I install Quick-Step Laminate on stairs?

You can easily cover your stairs with Quick-Step Laminate using the Quick-Step Incizo profile and the aluminium base profile. The only condition is that the steps of your staircase must be straight and not rounded. Here's how it works: Glue and screw the aluminium base profile on the step nose. Glue a cut to size laminate panel with Quick-Step One4All glue to the riser. Use spacers to ensure that sufficient space is left underneath to fit in the laminate of the step. Apply glue to the base profile and the step. Spread out the glue across the base profile. Place a laminate plank on the step with the underside of the tongue against the edge of the front of the base. If present, push the associated plastic strip (white, blue or black) on the tongue of the plank. Apply glue to both sides of the base profile. Press the Incizo profile onto the base profile. After 24 hours of drying you can use your stairs.


How should I clean and maintain my Quick-Step floor?

A floor gets dirty, there’s no way around it. Luckily, our Quick-Step floors are easy to maintain. With these tips, you’ll be able to clean your laminate floor in no time. Start by getting out your vacuum cleaner, two buckets, a mop and Quick-Step Clean. Vacuum your floor thoroughly. Use a parquet broom to avoid scratching your floor. Mop to make sure you got all the dust. Fill one of the buckets with one cap of Quick-Step Clean per 5 litres of water. The other bucket should be filled with clean water. This’ll let you rinse out your mop or floor cloth. Otherwise, you’d just be moving the dirt around. You vacuumed and your buckets are ready. It’s time to mop the floor. Dunk your mop in the bucket containing Quick-Step Clean and wring it out well. Get mopping, and the floor will be clean before you know it. Rinse the mop in the second bucket to get the dirt off of it. Repeat until your floor sparkles.