Sunstar Flooring

Flooring forms one of the crucial design elements of your property. It can make or break the overall looks and appearance of your space, that’s why we at VICTILES bring a selected range of Sunstar Timber Flooring solutions made just for your property.

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Why choose us as your flooring supplier?

VICTILES has partnered with Australia’s leading timber and hybrid flooring manufacturing company Sunstar. We are dedicated to supplying a vast range of durable and strong flooring supplies that are meant for high-traffic and other tough areas where traditional flooring won’t work. whether you are a property owner, homeowner or architect, we have the best Sunstar Flooring available at the best rates.

Get high-quality Sunstar Flooring for your space

The type of flooring you choose for your home or office can make a real difference. From offering a solid and durable surface to enhancing the aesthetics of your space, Sunstar Flooring has all the qualities you need to create the desired look.

Everything is possible with Sunstar Flooring, as it comes in a variety of designs, materials and styles. Our flooring solutions are compatible with a variety of settings and are known for their high strength, endurance and stunning grain patterns.

Whatever colour or design you need for your space, we can help. We have been supplying trusted flooring solutions across Melbourne for many years. We ensure you our flooring products will offer you the best of both worlds- great aesthetics and functionality.

Also, Sunstar Timber Flooring will help you create a distinctive space in your home. We have designs ranging from classic to modern to help customers discover potential style ideas and revamp the look of their space without spending too much.

We welcome you to browse our premium flooring range and choose the best flooring supplies. We are sure you will find what you’re looking for. You can never go wrong with Sunstar Timber Flooring; it is made from quality hardwood and exudes natural beauty and charm. Another added advantage is that it can be finished and stained according to your home’s current décor.

Shop for our environmentally friendly flooring supplies to get long-term results.


Sunstar Hybrid Flooring:Authentic Hybrid 7mm
Sunstar Hybrid Flooring:Hybrid Classics 5.5mm
Sunstar Hybrid Flooring:Maxi Hybrid 7mm


Engineered Oak:Vogue 14/3mm
Engineered Oak:Big Board 14mm
Engineered Oak:Oak Classics 14/2mm
Engineered Oak:Oak Classics Parquetry


Australian Timber:Australian Hardwood Naturals Range
Australian Timber:Well Built Australian Range

Commonly Asked Questions

While VICTILES have flooring to suit almost every taste and budget, we understand that you may have some additional questions. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the commonly asked questions. However, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What is PVC flooring and when is it useful?

Maybe you’ve already heard someone talk about their new PVC floor. Actually, it’s just a synonym for 'vinyl flooring' and 'LVT' (luxury vinyl tiles) – which means it combines the beauty of natural products like wood and stone with maximum innovation, durability and practicality. PVC flooring is available in many styles and colours, and in flexible and rigid variants. In short, there’s a PVC floor for every taste and project.


Can I install vinyl flooring on walls?

The answer is yes! Requirements and tips The substrate must be dry and dust-free. For all wall installations, use an appropriate adhesive (e.g. Mapei Ultrabond Eco MS 4 LVT/Wall). Spread the glue evenly across the wall to avoid blistering, as vinyl is a flexible product. Ensure that the installation surface is stable and firm. This installation has a high level of difficulty and requires some experience. The installation MUST be carried out by a professional installer. We recommend using a shower tray and not an LVT floor in the shower! Wall installation is compatible with any of our Glue+ ranges of vinyl flooring solutions, as these have no click system and weigh less.


Is there anywhere I shouldn't install vinyl floors?

Vinyl Tiles can be installed anywhere inside your home or commercial space. However, the water-resistant panels are not suitable for use in damp spaces like pool areas, saunas and rooms with build-in drains like showers.


Can I use a laminate underlay for my vinyl floor?

No, this is not possible. The main reasons for this are the difference in compressive strength and the thickness of the underlay. For a vinyl floor, you need an underlay with a high compressive strength, because the vinyl floor on top is soft and flexible. Therefore, we recommended to only use a dedicated underlay for vinyl flooring.


Can I steam clean my vinyl floor?

The short answer is ‘no’, since intense temperatures can make the LVT unstable. The long answer: it depends on the device you’re using, the quality of the steam, the heat and steam distribution pattern, etc. If you really want to steam clean your vinyl floor, it’s best to contact your device manufacturer directly. But, we don’t recommend doing it.