Preference Flooring

Is your current flooring showing signs of wear and damage? Whether your flooring is outdated or damaged, you should consider replacing it on time to prevent expensive future repairs. At VICTILES, we are here to make the process of selecting a suitable flooring option easier for you by providing tons of amazing options, including Laminate Flooring, Hybrid Flooring and Preference Flooring.

Nothing beats the comfort and style of newly installed floors. We are a leading supplier of high-quality flooring solutions. Our flooring experts have curated a list of high-end flooring products and supplies, sourced from the world’s leading manufacturing brands. Preference Flooring is one such option for you to consider if you want to increase your property’s value or improve the functionality of your home.

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Why choose Preference Flooring? 

Preference Flooring is a trusted flooring brand known for manufacturing high-quality, durable floor solutions. Available in an array of interesting designs and patterns, you can select a suitable type based on your home’s interiors. The flooring is all about great aesthetics and extreme durability. The floors are 100% waterproof which means you can install them in wet areas without worrying about floor damage or regular cleaning.

We ensure you our Preference Flooring range is easy to maintain and clean; they can also be installed in specific areas or rooms that receive heavy foot traffic all day long. 

Why shop from our store?

VICTILES has partnered with some of the top-rated manufacturers. We bring a precisely curated selection of laminated and engineered flooring supplies and supply them all over Melbourne and other neighbouring suburbs. Our Preference Flooring range is designed and manufactured using the latest production methods.

With an outstanding variety of flooring styles, colours and finishes, you can easily find the perfect match for your space. If you need a convenient flooring option for your home or office, you can count on the team of VICTILES. We offer environmentally-friendly and long-lasting flooring products at affordable prices.

Get in touch with us today to enquire about the Preference Flooring price.

Preference Engineered Timber Flooring - the Natural Choice

Engineered Oak Flooring:Prestige Oak 21/6mm
Engineered Oak Flooring:Prestige Oak 15/4mm
Engineered Oak Flooring:Pronto WidePlank & Herringbone
Engineered Oak Flooring:De Marque Parquetry
American Hickory:Elk Falls Hickory


Kronoswiss Aquastop:Kronoswiss 8mm
Kronoswiss Aquastop:Kronoswiss 12mm
Kronoswiss Aquastop:Kronoswiss 14mm
Laminate Flooring:Oakleaf
Laminate Flooring:Oakleaf HD


Preference Hybrid Flooring:Aspire
Preference Hybrid Flooring:Easy Plank
Preference Hybrid Flooring:Iconic
Preference Hybrid Flooring:HydroPlank


Preference Vinyl Flooring:Ultimo

Commonly Asked Questions

While VICTILES have flooring to suit almost every taste and budget, we understand that you may have some additional questions. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the commonly asked questions. However, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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How do I clean My Timber Floors?

All resilient or hard floors require daily or weekly general maintenance, such as sweeping with soft bristle / anti-static broom, or a quick vacuum. Do not use steam mops or wet mopping for regular cleaning. Avoid using generic supermarket floor cleaning solutions as these tend to be concentrated and will damage the surface coating if used incorrectly. For sticky spills or stubborn scuff marks a damp absorbent cloth will generally do the job. We recommend Bona or Loba floor care solutions for our complete flooring product range. Check out the Floor Care section on our website for more specific product cleaning guides.


Can my timber floor be sanded?

As a general guide only engineered timber floors with a natural or real timber wear layer from 2mm – 6mm can be refurbished or sanded to freshen up the surface and remove floor scratches. Deeper surface damage may require more intensive sanding to achieve a fresh clean décor. Timber floors can also be stained after sanding if a different colour scheme is desired. Laminate, Hybrid & Vinyl floors are not suitable for sanding, generally isolated plank repairs or uplift and replacement is performed if planks are damaged.


Do I need underlay for floating timber flooring installation?

All floating installations require an acoustic underlay and depending on the subfloor type & condition the acoustic underlay will also need a moisture barrier (PE) film attached. Generally, for normal residential installations a quality underlay will be approx. 2 -3 mm in thickness and have the PE film attached to the underlay. Our Standard White & Ultra Green underlays are an excellent choice. For Hybrid floors the acoustic underlay is attached to the product. This type of underlay will not have a moisture barrier (PE) film attached as these classes of product are considered interior waterproof. In most circumstances Hybrid installations will require a 200uM plastic film installed over certain substrate types to reduce friction between the underside of the plank and the sub-floor. Certain building categories (multi -level) or Body Corporate requirements may demand additional acoustic sound performance, please consult with your building professional or flooring retailer for advice if these circumstances apply.


Will my old subfloor need repairs before installing a new timber floor?

All existing flooring materials & the subfloors require inspection & possible repairs or leveling prior to any new installation. Certain flooring products can be installed over sound, flat & dry existing floors, or tiles if they meet the installation guidelines of the flooring product selected. It’s important to remember an old floor that squeaks and moves under normal foot traffic will still squeak & move under foot traffic if no repairs or levelling is conducted at the site.


Do I need expansion trims in my flooring installation?

It is a necessity to follow the installation guidelines, these guidelines recommend that all floating installations will require perimeter and intermediate expansion trims dependent on install length and width of the rooms. Commonly long hallways should be limited to 11m and room sizes to a maximum of 6m in width & 8m in length. Generally, it’s wise to consider room to room transition trims especially when rooms are adjacent to long hallways. Floating or click installs need to move as the building envelope moves. The product warranty will not apply if the necessary expansion trims are not included. Planning trim placement & trim colour in the room layouts is essential to discuss with the store prior to making your final purchase decision and before commencing the installation. Do not leave this decision up to the installer without understanding & confirming the trim placement & trim colour.


Do you have matching stair nosing, trims & scotia?

Yes, we have matching stair nosing available for all flooring types to suit closed stair systems only, the stair nosing is not suitable for exposed end stair systems. For special code requirements or custom projects stair nosing can be manufactured by local contractors. A wide range of trims & scotia that are colour blended to suit all flooring types are available, retail stores will have samples to assist with your interior design planning.


Are you flooring products manufactured to an Australian Standard?

There are no Australian Standards that cover the manufacturing of the main flooring ranges that we sell. Our products are proprietary manufactured and imported into Australia to meet Australian building requirements. Australia has only a very small manufacturing capacity for certain Vinyl & Laminate products, everything else is imported. All ranges are certified for use in Australia with Fire & Slip ratings, these tests are conducted in Australia by Nationally recognised test laboratories and meet requirements for use under the National Construction Code ( NCC).


Do your floors meet VOC emission requirements for use indoors?

All ranges are considered safe for interior installations with Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emission levels achieving the E1 category, this level is considered safe for normal interior occupancy by the World Health Organisation and International Design Organisations. We also provide declarations for any PVC or stone based Vinyl or Hybrid product that they contain no harmful Phthalates or Respirable Silica Dust. Should you have specific health sensitivities please consult with your local GP.


Do I need to final coat my new flooring before walking on it?

No, our main flooring ranges are pre-finished with a final clear coating and ready to walk on after installation unless otherwise advised by your installer. For direct adhesive fixed floors, the installer may ask you to stay off the floor surface until the adhesive has cured. Generally, all floating installations can be walked on the day they are installed.


Should I keep spare planks from the install?

If possible its always wise to store a spare carton of product or at least a plank or two just in case little accidents happen.


Do I need to be at present when my floor is installed?

You do not need to be present however it is vital to check the product delivered to site matches what you believe you purchased. Check for colour, size and grade based on the order provided to the retailer. The installer may have no idea what colour was selected, it’s better to resolve an issue before install rather than walking into a massive surprise when you return. Leave clear instructions on accepted trim placements and contact details if the installer encounters problems at the site.


What floor will best suit my budget?

In the lowest priced budget category $-$$, will be shorter length approx. 1.3 -1.5m standard Laminate, Hybrid & Vinyl products. Next price category $$, would be full plank length 1.8-2.2m Laminate & Hybrid. Water Resistant Laminate would be the next category $$-$$$, & in the higher end of the middle budget area will be the start of the natural timber product options. The timber product categories $$$ – $$$$$, start with thinner wear layers at 2mm moving up to 6mm wear layers for high end planks in the Prestige & De Marque Oak plank & parquetry ranges. Click install products are the most cost effective to install, any product requiring direct adhesive fix will generally require a bigger total budget due to material & labour cost.


What floor best suits my lifestyle or home activity?

Generally Laminate floors provide a hard robust surface to handle everyday household activity & pets. The surface coatings range from AC3 – AC5 with the higher number providing a tougher surface performance. Hybrid & Vinyl floors along with certain types of water-resistant laminate floors will have moisture resistant capabilities providing good all-round attributes for modern family living. The surface coating on Hybrid & Vinyl floors will not be as scratch resistant as a laminate product but will have good impact sound performance. Due to modern imaging technology, Laminate, Hybrid & Vinyl will display realistic timber decors that are almost like natural timber flooring but at a fraction of the price. Natural Timber flooring is considered a higher/luxury budget category however certain sizes can still meet the middle budget level. Price increases as the size, thickness and complexity of the product coating changes. Timber floors do require a higher level of personal involvement in terms of cleaning and general housekeeping duties however the wow factor offered by natural timber flooring is difficult to match from the other budget categories.