Floortex Flooring

Since established in 2008, FLOORTEX has placed product quality as the focus point of our business. At VICTILES Kilsyth, we offer unbeatable prices for all Floortex Flooring Products.

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Leading wholesale company of Floating floor

Since established in 2008, FLOORTEX has placed product quality as the focus point of our business. For more than a decade, our well trained team dedicate most of their time and energy in developing avant-garde patterns, pursuing first-class quality, and diligently persisting in sourcing the best quality products available. Due to the strict quality demand we place on the products we provide to our customers, we have found the need to invest in our own manufacturing line. Our team has placed strict requirements on the production of all our products, from colour selection to raw product procurement. No expenses have been spared while developing products for our entire range. Our aim is to present the utmost superior product to each and every one of our customers. Customers can use our products with confidence, as all Floortex’s products under-go rigorous quality checks, ensuring they are in check with all Australian quality standards. We are constantly developing new products, whilst pursuing technological advancements in stabilising and strengthening our products to ensure that all our products that enter each and every household are of the highest quality.


Floortex Laminate Flooring:Pinaco Delication 8mm
Floortex Laminate Flooring:Floortex Classic 12mm
Floortex Laminate Flooring:Pinaco Selection 12mm
Floortex Laminate Flooring:HD Laminate 12mm
Floortex Laminate Flooring:Arborlok Longboard 12mm


Floortex Hybrid Floor:Penguin Hybrid
Floortex Hybrid Floor:Pinaco Hybrid


Floortex Engineered Oak:OZ Floor

Commonly Asked Questions

While VICTILES have flooring to suit almost every taste and budget, we understand that you may have some additional questions. This quick Q&A covers a lot of the commonly asked questions. However, if you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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What is a timber floor?

VICTILES timber floors are engineered wood floors made up of three layers of solid wood, covered with a protective finish. Thanks to the careful selection of raw material and a perfect control of the moisture content of the wood during the manufacturing process, hardwood floors guarantee optimum stability and durability.


How can I saw a timber floor?

You can cut or saw timber floors with: A hand saw: fine(r)-toothed and with the design side up. An electric circle saw: fine-toothed. For example: a saw with a 22 cm diameter - 60 teeth. Saw with the top side up. A jigsaw. If you want a clean cut, saw with the design side down unless you use saw blades with reversed teeth. Normal saw blades are used for sawing. Examples: Bosch brand: T 127 D (rather coarse). For finer work: T 101 B. In most cases the saw cut does not need to be perfect. They are usually covered by profiles or skirting boards.


How to install skirtings with your wood flooring?

To install skirting boards, you’ll need a bevel tool, a folding rule, a glue gun or a nail gun, a crosscut saw or handsaw with mitre box, a set square and a hammer. If you’d like to finish your new timber flooring with skirting boards, simply follow the following guidelines. Before you can install your skirtings, make sure to remove all spacers. Measure the room and its angles by using a folding rule and a bevel tool. Don’t rush - while walls with a standard 90-degree angle need a saw cut of 45 degrees, slightly crooked walls do happen, especially in old houses. Next, saw the skirting board according to the angle you measured. Pro-tip: use a fresh saw blade on your crosscut saw to ensure a clean cut. Apply glue to the back of the boards and press them against the wall. Remember that the glue dries fast, so try to work quickly without cutting corners. If you get glue on your hands, you can easily remove it with acetone. If you have measured everything correctly, the skirting boards will fit the room perfectly and will create a neat finish to your work.


How to miter skirting boards?

Sometimes, skirting boards are wider at the bottom. They are slightly oblique to make them more attractive. This has an effect when cutting. Make sure to clamp the skirting board firmly so it can't move when you cut it. Put the skirting board upright in the mitre box, like you would put it against the wall, and rotate the saw to the left or right depending on the angle you want to obtain. If you are working with an electric circle saw (which allows you to tilt the engine left and right), put the skirting board flat on the saw bench with the design side up. This method is the most practical because it allows you to easily attach the skirting boards. With the clip skirting boards, you need to hold the supplied wooden spacer under the skirting (with the thickest edge under the skirting) in order to obtain a perfect mitre. Otherwise, the same guidelines apply as mentioned above.


How to clean your timber floor?

We recommend cleaning your timber floor dry with the BONA microfiber mop. Once in a while, you can also use a slightly damp mop. Cleaning too often or too wet is unnecessary. In some cases, it could even permanently damage your floor.


How to clean your new timber floor for the very first time?

Right after the installation of your new floor, it may be quite dirty. Just remember this: VICTILES timber floors are ready for use when you buy them; Don’t use any protective products, even if they claim to be suitable for timber floors; Remove all dirt with a soft broom and a dust pan; Clean the V-grooves with a vacuum cleaner; Clean with a slightly moistened microfiber cloth