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VICTILES, a visionary collective formed in 2011, brings together manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and builders, all driven by a shared mission. Our unwavering focus lies in delivering unparalleled products, sourced from the farthest corners of the world while ensuring you benefit from the most competitive prices in the market. Embrace the meteoric rise of the VICTILES brand, brought to life through our captivating showrooms in Keysborough and Kilsyth South. Our unyielding commitment to exceptional service and uncompromising quality sets new benchmarks in the industry. At VICTILES, we revel in the opportunity to be part of your journey, from the inception to the realisation of your project. For over eight years, we have infused Australian homes with an artistic flair, showcasing stunning designs and remarkable products sourced globally. Count on us for specialist guidance, unmatched value, and the assurance of unbeatable prices and top-notch quality. With VICTILES, your peace of mind is our guarantee.


Experience the artistry of wall or floor tiles in Melbourne through VICTILES. We offer a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor tiles, including bathroom, external, and subway tiles, crafted to perfection. Delve into our world of creativity with porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, feature, swimming pool, timber-look, paver, and coping tiles, each showcasing unique style and quality. Discover the perfect tiles for your project, all conveniently priced for every budget.


Unveil the timeless beauty of timber flooring in your newly constructed or remodelled residence, hotel, or retail establishment. As a trusted flooring company, we offer a wide selection of meticulously crafted timber floors that radiate sophistication. Through careful grading and skilled staining techniques, we achieve a range of colours and finishes. Whether you prefer Bamboo Flooring, Engineered Oak Flooring, Laminate Flooring, Hybrid Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, or Parquetry Flooring, we provide exceptional solutions to elevate the aesthetic of your Melbourne project.


Discover the exceptional world of VICTILES Bathroom, your go-to retailer for luxurious bathroom products in Melbourne. With our showroom located in Keysborough, Melbourne, we offer an expansive collection of shower screens, vanities, toilets, and bathtubs, both online and in-store. Our journey from modest origins has led us to establish ourselves as one of Melbourne's rapidly expanding bathroom retailers. Immerse yourself in the elegance of our fully stocked showroom, where discerning customers throughout Melbourne can indulge in a breath-taking display of bathroom fixtures and accessories.


Unlock your tiling potential with VICTILES Tiling tools, designed to meet the demands of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. Our comprehensive range of tools and accessories revolutionises the tiling experience, offering convenience and superior performance. From ergonomic trowels to versatile spacers, and advanced silicones to effective grout maintenance solutions, we have you covered at every stage of your tiling journey. Explore our selection of tile adhesive, grout, tiling trims, timber trims, tile cutters, blades, and wet saws, and take your tiling projects to the next level of excellence.


Discover the artistry of carpeting at VICTILES stores in Melbourne. Delve into a vast array of styles, colours, and carpet fibres that captivate the senses. Experience the luxurious comfort, exceptional performance, lasting durability, and effortless stain resistance that define our carpets. From sleek contemporary designs to timeless classics, our collection adds a touch of sophistication to any residential or commercial space, ensuring your flooring becomes a statement of elegance.