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Since our establishment over 10 years ago, VICTILES has been an integral part of transforming Australian homes into stunning works of art. Step into a world of captivating designs and exquisite products from across the globe as we accompany you on your project journey, from inception to completion. With our expertise and passion, we take immense pride in providing specialised guidance and offering the best value in the market. Enjoy peace of mind with our unbeatable price beat and quality guarantees. Discover why VICTILES is your ultimate destination for all your tiling needs.


Indulge in the finest tile collection in Melbourne at the VICTILES showroom. Our extensive range of indoor and outdoor tiles, including bathroom, external, and subway options, showcases the highest quality craftsmanship and design. Delve into our selection of porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, feature, timber look, swimming pool, paver, and coping tiles, carefully sourced from around the world. Find inspiration and create extraordinary spaces with VICTILES.


Transform your space into a sanctuary of style and sophistication with Melbourne's finest timber floors. Our curated collection of Bamboo, Engineered Oak, Laminate, Hybrid, Hardwood, and Parquetry options caters to diverse design preferences. Each flooring type boasts exceptional quality, stunning visuals, and exceptional durability. Whether you seek a warm and rustic ambience or a sleek and modern aesthetic, our timber floors will be the foundation of your design success.


Elevate your bathroom to new heights of luxury with VICTILES, Melbourne's trusted source for shower screens, vanities, toilets, and bathtubs. Our showroom in Keysborough, Melbourne, showcases a curated collection of premium bathroom products that embody sophistication and elegance. From sleek and modern designs to timeless classics, our range caters to every style and preference. With VICTILES, you can create a bathroom sanctuary that reflects your unique personality and elevates your daily routine.


Elevate your tiling craft with premium tools from VICTILES. Designed to meet the demands of professionals, our range offers unrivalled quality and performance. From top-of-the-line trowels and spacers to advanced silicones and grout maintenance solutions, we provide the tools that deliver exceptional outcomes. Explore our extensive selection of tile adhesive, grout, tiling trims, timber trims, tile cutters, blades, and wet saws, and experience the difference that VICTILES brings to your tiling projects.


Indulge in unparalleled comfort with VICTILES carpets that offer a luxurious softness underfoot. Crafted from premium fibres, our carpets provide a plush and inviting surface to walk on, adding a touch of luxury to your living spaces. Whether you're creating a cosy bedroom or a relaxing lounge area, our carpets will elevate the comfort level of any room.