Since 2011, VICTILES has produced high-quality items with exceptional creativity. Our goal is to make your space beautiful and inspiring while providing affordable costs. With more than 8 years of experience, we guarantee excellent designs, unparalleled prices, and our undying commitment to client satisfaction.

TILES Parkville

Our range includes a beautiful selection of wall and floor tiles made to match every taste and aesthetic. We have you covered for everything from indoor wonders to outdoor wonders including bathroom, exterior and subway tiles. Our porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, feature, timber look, swimming pool, paver, and coping tiles open up a world of choices, each with their own special charm and attractiveness.


But our passion doesn't stop at tiles alone. We are also the connoisseurs of fine flooring. Explore our captivating selection of timber flooring options, designed to elevate your residential, hotel, or commercial space. With a range of premium woods boasting vibrant colours and breathtaking finishes, we offer the perfect solution to complement any aesthetic.


For an exceptional bathroom experience, turn to VICTILES Bathroom. Our vast selection of contemporary fixtures, from luxurious shower screens to stylish vanities, toilets, and bathtubs, ensures that your bathroom becomes a sanctuary of elegance and functionality.

TOOLS Parkville

At VICTILES, we give DIY enthusiasts and professionals the tools they need in addition to providing the actual tools. Your tiling jobs will be a breeze to complete thanks to our extensive selection of finely manufactured equipment and accessories.

CARPETS in Parkville

And when it comes to carpets, we're all about weaving dreams underfoot. Our Parkville store boasts an unparalleled selection of styles, colours, and textures. From contemporary chic to timeless elegance, our premium carpets offer unrivaled comfort, durability, and stain resistance. Step into our showroom, and let your feet be caressed by luxury as you find the perfect carpet to grace your space.