Hello and welcome to the lovely world of VICTILES Melbourne, where remodelling fantasies become reality! We have developed solid partnerships with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and builders since our start in 2011, enabling us to provide high-caliber international products at costs that won't break the bank. Our countrywide stores are packed to the gills with superb service, gorgeous designs, knowledgeable guidance, and unbelievable prices. Our price match and quality guarantees add an extra dose of assurance. Making your visions a reality is what we do at VICTILES!

TILES Olinda

Get ready to be astounded by Olinda's stunning TILES! We've been working our tile magic on Australian houses for more than 8 years, transforming them into enthralling spaces. Prepare to delve into a treasure trove of indoor and outdoor alternatives for wall and floor tiles.


Take a stroll through our enchanting TIMBER FLOORING collection in Olinda. We've handpicked premium wood in an array of breathtaking colors and finishes to make your residential, hotel, or commercial space shine with elegance. Whether you're a fan of Bamboo, Engineered Oak, Laminate, Hybrid, Hardwood, or Parquetry flooring, we've got the top-quality products and expert installation services to make your environment radiate timeless beauty. Get ready to take your space to new heights!


Now, let's venture into the world of BATHWARES in Olinda. Prepare to be amazed by our exquisite selection of contemporary bathroom fixtures. From shower screens that transport you to paradise to vanities that scream "primp and pamper," we only offer the cr?me de la cr?me. Our premium products are available online and in-store, ensuring that your bathroom needs are met with utmost excellence. Step into the lap of luxury with VICTILES Bathroom!

TOOLS Olinda

At TOOLS Olinda, we've got everything you need to conquer your tiling projects with ease. Our wide selection of tools and accessories is designed to make your life a breeze. From expertly crafted trowels that feel like an extension of your hand to efficient tile cutters that slice through tiles like butter, we've got your back. ?

CARPETS in Olinda

Let's explore the fabulous world of CARPETS in Olinda. Our store is bursting with an eclectic range of carpet styles, colours, and fibres that will take your residential or commercial space from drab to fab. Sink your feet into the plush comfort of our high-quality, long-lasting carpets. Not only do they perform like champions, but they also possess the magical power of stain resistance.