Tiles Melton South


With a foundation rooted in 2011, VICTILES brings together manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and builders in a cohesive partnership, ensuring customers access top-quality global products at prices that are unmatched in the market.

TILES Melton South

Experience the epitome of tile perfection at VICTILES, your unrivaled hub for exquisite wall and floor tiles in Melbourne. Immerse yourself in our unparalleled collection, showcasing a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor tiles, including bathroom, external, and subway tiles, offered in an extensive range of shapes, sizes, styles, and captivating colours.


Are you on the lookout for exquisite timber flooring to complement your recently built or renovated space? We are delighted to showcase our fantastic range of high-quality timber flooring at our Melbourne-based company. With intricate staining techniques and meticulous grading standards, we achieve a wide array of beautiful finishes to suit every taste. Our outstanding reputation as a top flooring company in Melbourne speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence

BATHWARES Melton South

Choose exceptional bathroom fixtures from VICTILES Bathroom, where our unwavering dedication to quality is evident in our extensive selection of modern options. Whether you're seeking shower screens, vanities, toilets, or bathtubs, rest assured that our collection offers nothing but top-quality products, both online and in-store.?

TOOLS Melton South

Experience the ease of tiling with VICTILES' expertly designed range of tools and accessories. Whether you're a professional or a DIY enthusiast, our selection, which includes trowels, tile cutters, and more, ensures you have all you need to achieve flawless results.?

CARPETS Melton?South

Get started on a carpet journey like no other with VICTILES stores in Melton South. Explore our extensive range of carpet styles, colours, and fibres, tailored to suit your unique needs. Find the perfect carpet that effortlessly complements both contemporary and traditional homes or commercial premises with unmatched elegance.