Tiles Malvern


Since 2011, VICTILES has been rocking the world of home improvement by teaming up with manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and builders. We offer competitive prices on superior global products that will blow your socks off! Our commitment to excellence means you'll get custom solutions that go above and beyond. Trust us to deliver premium products and exceptional service, all while keeping the fun and excitement alive!

TILES Malvern

On a quest for the perfect wall or floor tiles in Melbourne? Search no more! VICTILES has got you covered. We boast Melbourne's largest collection of indoor and outdoor tiles, catering to every size, shape, style, and colour preference. Dive into our selection of porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, feature, swimming pool, timber look, paver, and coping tiles, and discover the perfect fit for your project. Best of all, our prices are wallet-friendly, ensuring you get quality without breaking the bank.


Ready to take your space to new heights? Dive into our captivating range of timber flooring options and elevate your surroundings! With a splendid selection of premium wood in an array of colours and finishes, we've got the perfect solution to match any aesthetic vision. As Melbourne's flooring connoisseurs, we specialise in Bamboo, Engineered Oak, Laminate, Hybrid, Hardwood, and Parquetry flooring. Rest assured, our top-notch products and installation services will bring timeless beauty to your environment. Get ready to step into a world of elevated style with VICTILES!


VICTILES Bathroom, where quality speaks above all! Our array of modern bathroom fixtures is sure to impress. Whether you are looking for stunning shower screens, stylish vanities, reliable toilets, or luxurious bathtubs, rest assured you'll find only top-quality products both online and in-store. Get ready to transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of style and functionality with VICTILES Bathroom!

TOOLS Malvern

VICTILES has got you covered with our extensive collection of tools and accessories designed to make tiling a breeze. From trowels to top-notch tile cutters, we've got everything you need for smooth and efficient tile installation.

CARPETS in Malvern

VICTILES in Malvern is your go-to destination for finding the carpet of your dreams. Get ready to dive into a world of stunning styles, vibrant colours, and luxurious fibres that guarantee ultimate comfort, unbeatable performance, and excellent stain resistance. Whether you're into modern or classic vibes, our diverse carpet collection has got you covered. Your perfect carpet awaits!