Tiles Lysterfield


Being constant since 2011, VICTILES unites manufacturers, suppliers, retailers, and builders to provide customers with top-quality products sourced globally at competitive prices. Our commitment is to deliver the highest standard of quality while ensuring affordability. With VICTILES, you can expect exceptional products from around the world, all tailored to meet your needs and surpass your expectations

TILES Lysterfield

Your search for the perfect wall or floor tiles ends at VICTILES. With Melbourne's largest collection of indoor and outdoor tiles, including bathroom, external, and subway tiles, we offer endless options in every size, shape, style, and colour. Explore our diverse range of porcelain, ceramic, mosaic, feature, swimming pool, timber look, paver, and coping tiles, all available at affordable prices. Get inspired and transform your space with VICTILES today.


Step into the world of timber flooring and let your creativity run wild! Discover our vast collection of timber flooring options that will bring life and charm to your space. From the warmth of Bamboo to the elegance of Engineered Oak, the versatility of Laminate, the resilience of Hybrid, the classic beauty of Hardwood, and the intricate patterns of Parquetry, we have it all. Choose from a range of captivating colours and exquisite finishes to suit your unique style and preference.?

BATHWARES Lysterfield

Discover the epitome of bathroom perfection at VICTILES Bathroom. From sleek shower screens to stylish vanities, toilets, and bathtubs, our top-quality products are available both online and in-store.?

TOOLS Lysterfield

Unleash your inner tiling maestro with VICTILES' ultimate arsenal of tiling tools and accessories. Crafted to perfection, our selection ensures you have all the tools needed to conquer any tiling project with finesse and ease. Let your creativity soar!

CARPETS in Lysterfield

Discover the carpet of your dreams at VICTILES in Lysterfield. With ample choices of styles, colours, and fibres, you'll find the perfect choice that offers comfort, durability, and stunning aesthetics for your home or business. Explore our carpets and elevate your space today!