Tiles Frankston


With the best range of tiles available throughout Australia, VICTILES takes pride in helping design and develop some of the best projects in the country. Whether you are seeking a modern, contemporary look or a more traditional aesthetic, our tile collection is sure to inspire and transform your space.


Enjoy the timeless beauty and durability of our timber flooring options. Our Frankston showroom showcases a wide variety of high-quality timber flooring solutions, ranging from classic hardwood to innovative engineered wood. Elevate your interior with the warmth and elegance of timber flooring.

BATHWARE in Frankston:

Visit our Frankston showroom to explore an exquisite range of vanities, fixtures, showers and baths that combine functionality with exceptional design. We help you create a personalised space that reflects your unique style and taste.

TOOLS in Frankston:

Find the perfect tools for your projects at our Frankston store. We offer a comprehensive range of reliable and professional-grade tools, including power tools, hand tools and accessories. Tackle any project and challenge with the help of the best tools available in Frankston.

CARPETS in Frankston:

Our Frankston collection boasts a diverse selection of carpets, featuring different textures, patterns and materials. Enhance the ambience of your living spaces and add a touch of luxury with our exquisite carpet choices. Explore our designs and find the best carpet to suit your needs.